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HVUT is an annual federal highway use tax paid to the federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on vehicles operating on public highways at a gross weight of 55,000 lbs. and greater. The federal government distributes revenues back to the states for highway construction and maintenance projects.


The period for heavy vehicle use tax form 2290 begins July 1, 2010, and ends June 30, 2011. Form 2290 must be e filed by the last day of the month following the month of first use. Hence you should always make sure to e file 2290 on time to keep penalties at far end.

The IRS wants you to file an amendment to the originally reported form 2290, when there is change in information. There are basically 3 types of amendments that need to be reported for form 2290:




Are you ready to heavy vehicle use tax form 2290 and not sure how to go about the process? No worries, it takes few simple steps and less than 10 minutes to be done with your filing process. One of the providers that we highly recommend to e file form 2290 is


Here's how to e file form 2290:


• REGISTER - First and foremost step to begin e filing is to register on the website. Both fleet owners and accountants need to register themselves in order to begin their filing process.


• BUSINESS INFORMATION - To begin your filing process the details which you need to have in hand are; business information, EIN number and individual VINs for vehicles you plan to e file for. For large fleet owners or those who don't have time to individually report each vehicle can use the bulk upload feature where they can upload all their VINs in one excel sheet


• ONE CLICK SECURE FILING - You can either e file form 2290 for taxable vehicle, suspended vehicle or to claim credit on lost, stolen, destroyed vehicles and vehicles with less mileage or you can e file form 2290 amendment for any change in your vehicle from your last reported 2290. Greentax2290 also provides you with the facility to get FREE VIN correction. Greentax2290 is an IRS authorized e file provider and their tax software is easy to use, cost effective and absolutely secure.


•SCHEDULE 1 - Maximum number of returns which are transmitted through greentax2290 are accepted by IRS and the specialty of greentax2290 as IRS e file provider is that, truck filers don't need to wait for schedule 1 for days. On greentax2290, once truck filers are done with their filing process and have submitted their return to IRS, they will get their 2290 schedule 1 and confirmation within minutes.


We highly recommend to e file IRS form 2290. It's easy, fast and secure and you get hold of schedule 1 on the spot.





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